So You Want to Have a Baby

In our modern day, family planning is often delayed for career development, financial stability, or maybe you are just too busy “enjoying your youth”.  Because so many of us are now “planners”, it’s not uncommon to know in advance when we want to start trying.   As wise, wonderful women, we also want to know that we have done everything we can to insure the best fertility chances and to give our babes the best possible start.

Over the next year, this blog is going to be a journey in “practice what you preach”.   I will be listening to my own advice (which doctors are notoriously terrible at doing).  If a woman came in to my office and told me she wanted to start trying to have a baby in a year, this is what I would advise her.

This journey will help you prepare physically, chemically, and mentally.  It will be a stepwise process, broken up in 3-month segments, counting down to the day you pull the goalie.  I will cover a variety of interesting individual topics, but there will be an underlying plan that we will check-in on periodically.

Here is a sneak peak into the year ahead:

12-10 Months Out

  • Kick-start nutrition cleanse.
  • Create a plan for establishing ideal body weight and a healthy lifestyle routine.
  • Prep your baby “bucket list”.
  • Talk to dad about why his health matters for fertility too!

9-7 Months Out

  • More advanced nutrition considerations.
  • Select topics for enhancing your healthy lifestyle, such as improving sleep quality.
  • Let’s talk about finances… oh boy.
  • Healthy hormone levels for him.

6-4 Months Out

  • Healthy hormone balance for her
  • Focused areas of fitness (preparing for a pain-free pregnancy)
  • It takes a village. What is available for you in your community and how do you get connected?
  • Helping dad “get in the game” mentally.  Tough topics on parenting.

3-1 Months Out

  • No more hormonal birth control.  What do we need to replenish and rebalance?
  • What check-ups/appointments/preparations should you be making for your body now?
  • Setting strong foundations for a health parental relationship.
  • Advanced nutritional topics for healthy sperm.

Sound like fun?  I am excited.  This is going to be quite the year!

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