This is Ridiculous

When my husband and I took our baby on a camping trip to Vancouver Island (and our first ever vacation in our 10 years of marriage), we stopped at a little coffee shop (to do work while on vacation…). There was a really cool little bookstore attached to the Steam Punk Cafe. I picked out a couple books for my literacy-addict. One of them was This is Ridiculous. This is Amazing. It’s a hilarious book of lists written by a father about his early experiences in parenthood.


Over the first 7 weeks of caring for my baby girl, I have had several moments of hearing my own words in my head. I heard myself giving the same many pieces of advice that I had told my new moms to myself. I know that the things I ask aren’t always easy and sometimes they sound impossible to my new moms. Though I haven’t come across anything “impossible” yet, I have had a few laughs at the new insights of how I must sound to my patients who are in the thick of it. In the spirit of the amusing lists in Ben’s new book, here is a list of ridiculous sounding things that new moms hear.

  1. Don’t forget to eat.
  2. Eat “X”. Really you can fill this one in with any specific eating instructions. Avoid dairy. Increase healthy fats. Eat more protein. They must all sound both obvious and impossible.
  3. Don’t forget to drink. Hydrate!
  4. Are you sleeping?  (Ha!)
  5. Nap when the baby naps.
  6. What do you think about vaccinations?
  7. Are you co-sleeping? (Really anything to do with sleep.)
  8. When are you going back to work?
  9. Is it a boy or a girl?
  10. What are you doing for exercise?


I’m not saying that I am going to stop saying these things to mom, or that they aren’t legitimate questions. I just see them in a new light. Hopefully, this insight will help me guide moms through this transition with more empathy and understanding.

What “simple” questions do you now find are ridiculous?

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