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The Fertility Lifestyle


Many women will take better care of their body and pay more attention to their health during pregnancy than at any other time.  They understand that baby’s health is affected by the environment that they create and control in their own body.   Obviously, this is a very good thing to do!  What many women […]

Birth Story – Lynnzi M

As a mother of two children, I would like to share my experience during labor and my journey to motherhood. I made sure to educate myself of the possible directions my body could lead me. I didn’t really like the idea of a “birth plan”; it sounded too rigid and created the possibility of disappointment. I had […]

Why am I Doing a Detox? – Part 2 – Intestinal Integrity


Your intestinal tract plays a very large role is this game of cleanse. Intestinal Integrity – Normal Anatomy When you ate your spinach and salmon salad for lunch, it went through your gastro-intestinal (GI) tract for a series of well-orchestrated activities that attempt to extract nutrients for your use and eliminate the rest. The small […]

So You Want to Have a Baby

Dr Amanda on a Beach in Barcelona

In our modern day, family planning is often delayed for career development, financial stability, or maybe you are just too busy “enjoying your youth”.  Because so many of us are now “planners”, it’s not uncommon to know in advance when we want to start trying.   As wise, wonderful women, we also want to know that […]