There is a common thread reoccurring in my life right now.  It’s stories.  The concept of stories. It is literally popping up everywhere.

My friend Sara Spada at Birth Kelowna has always expressed value in women and their stories.  She actually even helps women process their personal birth story as part of her offerings with Birth Kelowna, so it wasn’t all that strange when the concept of sharing your story would come up as part of my Fresh Mums group gatherings… but it wasn’t just there!

the sotryAt Church, they are literally going through a book called “The Story” every week as a way to chronologically go through the Bible.  They are referencing both the “Upper Story” (big picture) and “Lower Story” (individual people) and how they are intertwined with each other in a marvellous, miraculous way.

At a conference I went to recently, cognitive neuroscientist Dr Adele Diamond was teaching about the neuro-developmental impact of the story telling tradition.  (Apparently, traditional verbal story telling can actually help children develop an improved attention span. Cool, eh?)

I have always enjoyed reading fiction and listening to the true stories of others. I like learning from them. I like to have insight into a person’s individual journey and see how it impacts their decisions and is impacted by their values and belief set.  I tend to be the person sitting in the back of the classroom, listening and soaking everything in like a sponge.  I prefer to work behind the scenes and fly below the radar. I am most comfortable when my focus is on supporting others in their journey.

My baby girl will be 4 months old next week. She is beautiful and babbling and blowing bubbles.  She is getting stronger and more dynamic everyday.  I love her so much.  The last 4 months have been absolutely life-altering. My birth intentions were turned upside-down, we had Sequoia, we started a second practice, we got kicked out of the house we were renting, we have had visitors more weeks than not, our student loan payments unexpectedly tripled, we went on our first week long vacation in 10 years, and I have been back to work for a month now. I am just starting to see a hint of cruising altitude approaching.

You may have noticed that I have not shared my birth story yet. I do intend to, but it’s a tough thing for me to do – to get all personal and open and vulnerable.  My husband is very encouraging and often reminds me, but apparently he also has some bigger forces on his side to increase the repetitive message.

OK universe. I get it! I’ll share my story. Just give me a moment to process please!

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