Sequoia’s Alphabet

Believe it or not, I am actually not a strong advocate for early academic focus.   That being said, we happen to chose to send our two-year-old to prep school for daycare because it was worked out best for our family for other reasons.  She is absolutely thriving and loving every minute of it.  Every now and then she comes home and blows us away with some new set of knowledge or skill set. For the last couple months, she has been rapidly mastering the alphabet.  Our lives are now lived through the lens of the alphabet.

So far, this is the alphabet that we have come up with that is most representative of our family.

A is for Adventure. What a great place to start! We go on a lot of adventures.

B is for bouncing, beautiful, & ball. B is kind of inconsistent.

C is for Coffee! & Cat.

D is for Dado. This is what Sequoia calls Ben.

E is for Enoch (& Elephant). Mama loves elephants. Enoch is our dog.

F is for frolic through all the flowers…. I can’t help but start singing a SpongeBob song every time I get to F… #shame

G is for GO!

H is for Hugs.

I is for Ice Cream. For how rarely she has had any, it has really left an impression.

J is for uncle Joe. & Ms Josie at school. & all the many “John”s in her life. Uncle John, Grampa John, upstairs John (our landlord).

K is for Kiki. Aunt Kiki lives in Fort MacMurray and Sequoia frequently asks to take an airplane to go visit her, even though we have never done so.

L is for Lolo, the lovely lady (who is reasonably considered Sequoia’s second mother).

M is for Mama. Well duh.

N is for Nana (my mom) who lives in New Brunswick. & Nana Maye (Ben’s grandmother), after whom she is named.

O is for Owl and Okanagan (Did I mention we live in paradise?)

P is for Papa. & Paddleboarding.

Q is for Quack.

R is for Raffi.  Cuz if you don’t know, you should!

S is for Sequoia.  She can point this one out anywhere. Sushi also comes up as an S word.

T is for Tree. What’d you expect? We named her Sequoia…

U is for ubiquitous. No joke. That is what comes to my mind first every time a get to U. More recently, Ukelele has made it to the list since we bought Ben a waterproof ukelele for his birthday and he has been strumming us some tunes.

V is for very, very…. anything. & aunt Victoria.

W is for What!?!  This is a commonly exaggerated exclamation in our house.

X is for X-treme. I know this is wrong, but when you say it with the “x-treme” voice, it works. It’s weird how things like old commercials from your childhood get so hardwired into your brain.

Y is for Yoho! We have a fun family vacation through Glacier, Revelstoke, and Yoho National Parks with a friend’s tent trailer.

Z  is for Zebra. I never claimed to be creative.

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