What kind of a world are you bringing your baby into?

You may not have direct control over who is acting prime minister or whether or not their is war in the middle east, but you have a tremendous amount of control over the world that you bring your precious babe into.

1. Your Emotional World

Bring baby into a home full of love.  Create it now.  Don’t wait until baby comes or expect her to “make things right”.  If you and the special people in your life aren’t on great terms, fix it now.  This matters not only for when baby comes, but is important for being able to make a baby in the first place and for helping that baby grow inside of you.

Rest & Digest

Rest & Digest

The most notable embodiment of this concept that I see in my practice is in the form of stress or sympathetic overload.  If you body is always in survival mode – that sympathetic, fight-or-flight side of things – then it is NOT in thrive mode.  For you to manifest your most vital self, you need to get out of sympathetic overdrive and into thrive mode.  It makes sense that your body might not readily create and support another little being inside of you if it thinks that it is hostile territory outside.  This is usually the first concept that I address with women who come in for fertility support.  You need your autonomic nervous system to be in a good balance of parasympathetic (rest & digest/thrive) and sympathetic (fight & flight/survive).  It helps regulated your neurological tone, chemical environment, mental state, and hormonal balance.  This is as much an emotional and spiritual journey as it is a chemical and neurological one.  The way you feel and think absolutely has an influence on your fertility, your baby’s development, and your mothering-style.

2. Your Chemical World

I won’t harp on this one again, but as I mentioned in the 3-part blog about the medical cleanse program that I did, your internal chemical environment matters.  Scientists have been able to measure hundreds of toxins within the cord blood of newborns. How frightening!  You  may not be able to totally purge yourself of unwanted chemical invaders and live in a bubble of purity so that you and baby have no exposure to pesticides, pollution, heavy metals, xenoestrogens, and other evil-doers, but that doesn’t mean you should give up the fight.  You can lessen your toxic load. Do what you can and make decision to lower your exposure.  There is quite a bit of investigation going on in this world surrounding fertility and the increase is neurodevelopment disorders (like autism and ADHD). We are even learning more and more about how our internal chemical environment can influence our genetic expression. (Epigenetics anyone?)

Twirling Kid3. Your Physical World

I don’t mean that you have to have a nice house and lots of fancy toys.  Honestly, what kid cares about that stuff?  What I encourage you to create for your future baby is a world that involves movement and physically capable parents. Children need activity. Lots of it. All the time. Play till you drop.  Can you do that? Are there any physical limitations that are holding you back from current goals or activities? Deal with them.  Not only will this help you be able to keep up with your future kiddos and to be able to lift them over your head and swing them around without an emergency appointment to the chiropractor, but it will also make your pregnancy a lot more comfortable!

There is all sorts of overlap in between categories and all sorts of other points we could have touched on, but I just wanted to get you started on thinking about what kind of world you want to bring your baby into.  Are you creating a world for yourself now that facilitates fertility? Ponder. Meditate. Daydream. Discuss with your loved ones.  And then do it. Create the world you want.  Live it so that it is all your baby knows.

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