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I want more! Want to learn more from Dr Amanda?  Her writings and blog articles are split between this (her personal blog) and her clinical pages.

AltaVie Integrated Family Health

(her current clinic)

Valeo Health Clinic

(where she started out in Kelowna and the other Dr Stevens (her husband Ben) still sees patients)

Hopewell Cape NB
Hopewell Cape NB

She also shares her words with others. Here are a few articles that she has written for other sites.

Kelowna chiropractor for kids

BACK to School (Okanagan4Kids Back to School eGuide 2013)

Crawl Before You Walk (Okanagan4Kids Baby & Toddler Guide)

Exercise During Pregnancy (Baby Kicks Fitness)

Healthy Fats for Hyperactivity (Naturally Down to Earth)

Nutritional Support for Post-Partum Depression (Perinatal Mood Disorder Awareness)

Winter Immune Boost (Okanagan4Kids Winter eGuide 2014)

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