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I’m just finishing up The Female Pelvis: Anatomy & Exercises by Blandine Calais-Germain. Blandine is a French anatomist who focuses on movement.  She is brilliant and I really love the way she sees the human body.blandine-calais-germain

This book is meant to be read by women of all walks of life.  It isn’t too technical and is not filled with scientific jargon.  Any terminology that you need to understand is well defined.  She starts with the bones of the pelvis and from there guides you along developing your understanding of the structures and functions of your anatomy in depth. She covers the anatomy relevant to pregnancy and a lot of specific positions to facilitate movement, but she also covers the other relevant systems of the pelvis, primarily related to the bladder and colon.  After building up a very thorough understanding of what makes the female pelvis tick, she covers an extensive list of specific exercises with the intention of helping you develop a greater awareness of your body and improving the strength and endurance of these structures.  Yes, she will mention Kegals, but this is way beyond that!  I really love the exercise section of this book and have definitely added some tools to my rehab tool-belt for my patients.

I give The Female Pelvis a thumbs up. This book is very relevant to pregnant women, women who are planning on becoming pregnant, and women who are recovering from previous pregnancies.  Although it is always best to work with a professional who can provide the clarity of a specific diagnosis, I believe that most women would benefit from gaining a greater understanding and more functional relationship with their pelvis, especially in regards to pregnancy. I’m sure that the level of intellectual understanding that this book provides is higher that some of you really care to undertake, but I urge you if you have had any pelvic floor, core, or pregnancy related complaints to pick up this book and start digging.  All you body-dorks out there who just to understand more will love it as well.

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