About Amanda & This Blog

The purpose of this blog is to guide you along the journey to a baby-ready body... and beyond.

With so many "delays" to starting a family, a lot of women are concerned about their fertility, their health, and their lifestyle by the time they are "ready".  They may not be "young" anymore, but they are now wise enough to want to ensure that they are giving Baby the best possible start.  This blog was started with the intention to take you along for my personal yearlong adventure as I prepared physically, chemically (physiologically), and mentally for have a baby.  My real life is very full and my posts are nowhere near as frequent or consistent as I would like, but I still want to use this space to share my journeys in parenting, health, and baby-building (especially as we begin our preparations again for round 2).

Who am I?

Professionally, I am a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist.  I have 3 formal academic degrees and more hours than I can track in advanced continuing education and self-study. My practice and my studies focus entirely on natural health and healing for the pediatric and maternal populations, especially in early neuro/motor-development.  I love my job. I never get sick of studying this stuff and helping families raise thriving, healthy children. (Seriously, this is my bedtime reading right now.)  I can't tell how true it is that the more you know, the more you realize you don't know.

Kelowna Chiropractor for Kids

In practice, I utilize an integrated blend of chiropractic care, clinical nutrition, functional neurology, and movement-based exercise rehabilitation to empower kids (and their parents) to lead thriving lives.  I have been trained in and employ a variety of chiropractic techniques and I have pretty decent reputation in town in the baby-mama world. Each patient appointment is catered to the specific needs of the individual patient, whether using Webster Technique treating a pregnant mom or Craniosacral Therapy to soothe a colicky baby.  There is no one-size-fits-all. I am admitted an education junkie, but not compared to my husband Ben, who teaches continuing ed for MSK practitioners (via RockTape) and runs a continuing ed company called Somatic Senses.

A SUP Sushi picnic on Okanagan Lake

I live in paradise.  My husband and I moved to the Okanagan for the snow and stumbles upon the amazing summers.  Seriously, British Columbia is the most beautiful place on earth.  We are so thrilled to be raising our family here.

Oh yeah, and round 1? It went well.  We had a little girl named Sequoia in July 2015 and she's pretty much the best thing ever. I'll try to write (or brag) more about her, depending on how much writing time I get during her naps.

If you are not nauseated by details about my life by now, you can learn more about me by checking out my clinic AltaVie Integrated Family Health.  You should check out some of the cool people I work with while you're there. 🙂

Thank you for reading.

Teaching local groups how to thrive.
Teaching local groups how to thrive.
Really, most of her life decisions are based around snow.
Clinical practice focusing solely on children and maternity care.
Clinical practice focusing solely on children and maternity care.
First female finisher of the Conquer the Wall Marathon in 2017 (after baby)