2 Lines

I am definitely long over-do for an update (again).

Soooo…. I’m pregnant.  Actually, I’m really pregnant.  It’ll be 27 weeks on Wednesday.  My apologies for the delayed announcement!

We are ever-so-slightly ahead of schedule. (Well, ahead of my intended schedule. Apparently not my hubby’s.)  Here is the short version of our story so far.

I had been tracking my cycle and it was very regular.  My first cue was that I was few days late.  I waited a couple more days (obsessing silently in my head) before mentioning this to Ben.  Then, on November 15th, we went and picked up some pee sticks from the drug store.  2 lines!

For some reason, I was really stressed out about it. I had wanted to travel to New Brunswick for Christmas before getting pregnant to avoid flying during pregnancy and I still had certain things on my “list” to finish before we started a family.  My husband quickly brought me back to reality on all these matters.  Fortunately, his purely untainted excitement was easily contagious.

What’s the first things that you do after you pee on a stick in BC?  Call the midwives! There is such a shortage and high demand for these lovely ladies that they can be really tricky to get into.  I have many patients and friends who really wanted to be under midwifery care during their pregnancy but were not able to squeeze in, even with early notice.  I was very fortunate to make the cut and have Malachite Midwives in Kelowna as my primary birth care providers.

Who’s the next person you tell? For us, it was our accountant. This probably sounds hilarious, but it was our next step.  Because we own our business, we actually needed to change the way I was getting paid in order for me to qualify for maternity leave and this needed to be done in a certain amount of time in advance.  Our accountant (who is amazing) and his assistant were both really excited for us and very supportive. They helped us sort a few things out, which made me feel a little “prepared” fiscally.

(For sake of full disclosure, there is actually one person who found out before our accountant.  My husband’s tattoo artist (Jessie at Gas Pedals) ended up asking us while my husband was getting some work done on his sleeve.)

We told our work team at our Christmas party and our families over the Christmas holiday.   We waited several weeks before really telling many other people.  My husband was actually more antsy to start telling people than I was.  I kind of forgot to make a public announcement on Facebook until I started noticing that other friends who were announcing online were at considerably earlier stages than I was.

So far so good!  Very minor nausea in the early weeks.  I threw up twice when I took my potent multi-vitamins too early before my breakfast (once at home and once while out to breakfast at the Bohemian).  I continued to work out, do yoga, run, and hike.  I saw the snowboard season through to full completion (just ended last week) and I took up a new sport.  (My husband and I went to Vancouver to look at baby furniture and ended up coming back with stand-up paddle boards instead.) The toughest part of snowboarding was getting heart-burn whenever I would lean over to do up my bindings.

To be honest, everything has been pretty much business as usual.  It is kind of weird having a big belly and it is really fun to feel the baby move.  The thing that has surprised me the most is that I expected all my anal obsessive-compulive neurosises would surface as a strong desire to prepare in advance for every detail.  In reality, I have felt very non-challant and easy about everything.  The one thing that I do deliberately to bring my mindfulness to this pregnancy process is going to the Birth Mums Lounge with Birth Kelowna, which has been a really nice addition.

Anyway, I will try to write more about different specifics (like supplements, birth choices, iron levels, work decisions, etc.) in the next few months. Let me know if there are any particular topics or questions that you would like to see me cover!


  1. Ann April 19, 2015 at 3:32 am #

    You were always very easy going anyways.

  2. Jess G April 19, 2015 at 5:31 am #

    Yay! I’m so happy for you guys and glad to hear your story. Best wishes and look forward to more updates. I hope Ben is Webster cert or has learned it from you!! 😉

  3. Andrea April 19, 2015 at 10:56 am #

    I enjoy hearing details about this life journey 🙂

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